Imagine you are booking tickets on the phone for a concert. Prepare a dialogue following the chart below.

CLERK: Answer the phone
CUSTOMER: Ask for tickets. Gice the name of the concert, the date and number of tickets. Adults or children?
CLERK: Say the prices of the seats that are available.
CUSTOMER: Say which price of seat you ' d like.
CLERK: Tell the customer the total price. Ask for the customer is credit card number.
CUSTOMER:Give the number
CLERK: Ask for the expiry date.
CUSTOMER: Give the expiry date
CLERK: Ask for the customer is address.
CUSTOMER: Give your address.
CLERK: Thank the customer and say when you will post the tickets.
CUSTOMER: Thank the clerk and finish the call.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Clerk:Yes,Can I help you?
Customer:Yes,I wanted to know if there are any tickets for the "System of a Down" concert left ,which is on 16th November? If there are I'd like 2 tickets for adults.
Clerk:There are available seats on the back which cost 350zl and the ones that cost 480zl.
Customer:I'll take the cheaper seats.
Clerk:That will be 700zl. Could you tell me your credit card number please?
Customer: Of course it's 89054370000
Clerk: Do you mind telling me your expiry date?
Customer:No I don't,it's 19th December
Clerk:There is one more thing. Could you tell me your adress?
Customer:Certainly, it's Warsaw Kosciuszki street 34/56.
Clerk: Thank you,and the tickets will be posted on Monday
Customer: Thank you very much, goodbye sir
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