• Użytkownik Zadane
I'm keen on sport and films. My favourite sport is volleyball. It is a team game in which two teams hit a ball with their hands backwards and forewards other a high net. If somebody allow the ball to touch the ground the other team wins a point. I am quite good at volleyball so I often take part in competitions. This sport brings me many benefits for example I can meet some nice people. What is more I can get rid of angry feelings on the ball instead of a person. It also relieves stress and tension. This sport requires mainly fast reflexes. My other hobby is filmmaking. I keep up with new films. I am convinced that the good screenplay is the most important. The soundtrack has also the fundamental meaning. I like disaster movies and films based on true stories. Special effects play a major role in films for me. It is not only an extra but also a part of film art. My hobbies make me feel cheerful and help me to forgot the problems.