Opis osoby, którą podziwiam i za co ją podziwiam..oczywiście po angielsku...na 200 - 250 słów. potrzebuje go najpozniej na rano na jakoś 7:30 - 8:00...napisała bym sama ale nie mam czasu już dziś...zalezy mi na napisaniu na czwórę...



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I haven't wondered really long which person I should choose to describe. It comes to my mind very quickly when I heard that I have to write about somebody who I admire. I’ve known Jenny for five years and she’s the best friend I’ve ever had. I’d like to present this features, that make her special for me.

Although she’s eighteen she looks like a bit younger. She always have been pretty, because of her marvelous, large, round, green eyes, sweet small lips, sun-tanned clear complexion and long wavy brown hair. Jenny is quite tall (but shorter than me), slight and slender like an ideal woman. She usually wears elegant clothes which fit her very well.

What everyone particularly likes about Jenny is the way she treats other people. She can be very understanding and talk about every topic. Calm, shrewd and diligent makes that she is liked by teachers. What is more, she can make a great relationship with people, who she met a moment ago. Though she tends to be argumentative and decided with her own opinion but she also has a gentle side. She is very helpful and always solve the problem which I have.

For all these reasons, Jenny is a person which I admire. I am fascinated by her personality, lifestyle, and relations between her and others. Her beauty and cleverness, makes that she is certainly admired by a number of her other friends.
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