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Hello Kate, my washing machine is not working. Yesterday , it suddenly stopped to work. I thinksomething stucked inside , and now water is not coming through. I was little worried, because I had to wash my clothes before a travel, so I've called my friend John, to ask him for help. He came and he found that, a coin stucked inside a pipe, which blocked a water to coming.
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Today I had a bad day. My dad bought me a new computer for my birthday. Very happy with this. I sat with him half a day. And then he began to deteriorate. First to switch off and off. Then hałasował terribly loud. Mr. Tom misfortune, my best neighbor was home and helped me fix it. It's really a great man. Is already good. See you later.

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poozdroo !.
Dario welcome!
Yesterday I broke down exactly a phone (the iphone). Dad suggested me to try to fix it. We started, my dad repaired my beloved phone! Felt a happiness and joy, when he repaired.

witam Dario!
dokladnie wczoraj zepsuł mi sie telefon (ten iphone). tata zaproponowal mi, ze sprobuje go naprawic. Udalo sie, tata naprawil moj ukochany telefon! Poczulam szczeście i radosc, gdy go naprawil.
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