Proszę o pomoc bo nie mam weny żeby cokolwiek wymyśleś :

Think about the last time you had a special meal.Make notes on the meal.Use these ideas.
-reason for the meal
-where and when the meal was
-the people at the meal
-what time it started/finished
-what you wore
-the food and drink
-any other intresting information



I was on the special meal last week.That meal was in the beautiful restaurant by the sea.On this meal came my grandparents,ma parents and my sister.It started at 9 p.m. I wore a whaite blouse,a pair of black trousers,a black shiny jacket and high-heeled shoes.I ate a delicious food for example fish and drank a cola.It was very beautiful day and i thin i will go again there in the fututre.