Przekształć na stronę bierną:
1 The doctors will bring him in for an examination
2 Fog has delayed all flights
3 She didn’t send me any parcels
4 She had cleaned the house before I got there
5 When we arrived at the hotel. they had filled all the rooms
6 Why haven’t you invited Mary to the party?
7 Paula will help you finish your project.
8 The mayor is opening the new community centre next week
9 We heard her complaining strongly to the manager
10 You can leave your bags at the left-luggage office
11 Workmen found some antique vases in the old house
12 The architects have drawn up plans for the new library
13 Who gave him the new car?
14 They are going to set the lion free next week
15 What time do you expect him to arrive?

Przekształć na stronę czynną:
1 I can’t bear being cheated
2 A famous actress will be chosen to advertise the product
3 John was made to do the washing up
4 The ozone layer is gradually being destroyed by pollution
5 A bring-and-buy sale is being held next month
6 Our house was done up by a famous interior decorator
7 The cracks in the wall were caused by the earthquake
8 Thousands of rare birds are killed by hunters every year
9 Her purse was stolen on the bus
10 When will we be told the time of his arrival?
11 An ancient village has been uncovered by archaeologists
12 Why hasn’t the dishwasher been repaired yet?
13 A new drug is being developed by scientists
14 A new breed of cow is to be introduced into the country by farmers
15 The furniture will have been removed by noon
16 Who were you going to be replaced by?
17 The island is being ruined by tourists
18 Two rooms had been booked for her by her travel agent
19 She was seen to leave the building
20 Seats should have been reserved a week ago



3. Any parcles weren't sent by her.
8. the new community is being opened by mayor next week.
9. Her complaining was heard to the manager strongly.
10. Your bags can be left at the left-luggage office.
11. Antique vases were found in the old house by workmen
12. Plans for the new library have been drawn up by architects.