1 zadanie

1 will
2 will
3 'll
4 will
5 won't
6 will
7 will
8 won't
9 will
10 'll
11 will
12 'll

zadanie 2

2 Will they take a ride on the London Eye?
Yes, they will

3 Will Carol have a surprise?
Yes, he will

4 Will Ben lose his cap?
No, he won't

5Will Laura and Tomek make a video ?
Yes, they will

6Will the weather be bad?
No, it won't

... a teraz napisz zdania:

They will take a ride on the London Eye

Carol will have a surprise

Ben won't lose his cap

Laura and Tomek will make a video

The weather won't be bad

zadanie 3
1 will get some nice presents

2 won't tell anyone

3 won't forget anything

4will go to prison

5 will cath the last bus

6 will come to shool

7 will win the game

zadanie 4

1 Nie wiem o co chodzi
2 Q What time will you get up tommorow?
A Tommorow I will get up at seven a.m.
3 Q What will you have for lunch tommorow?
A I'll have two sandwiches with bacon
4 Q Where will you be on sunday morning
A I'll be at home sleeping in my bed
5 Q Where will you be at nine o'clock tonight ?
A I think I will go to a party with my friends
6Q What will you do tommorow afternoon ?
ATommorow afternoon I will study for my exam

zadanie 5

1 valuable
2 escape
3 argument
4 episode
5 revenge
6 relationship
7 gossip
8 theft
9 tie
10 prefer

zadanie 6
1 fall
2 get
3 get
4 fall
6 get
7 fall
8 get
9 fall

zadanie 7

pierwsze okienko z lewej w tabelce:

mobile, moment, boring, gossip, prison

okienko z prawej:

revenge, surprise, believe, escape, explain
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