"Księżyc w nowiu"
Here, after many months of feverish expectation, to the delight of devotees crowd Stephenie Meyer's writing on cinema screens Polish enter the second part of the ultra-lucrative saga Twilight. Interest in viewers 'New Moon' on the first day exceeded the wildest estimates of the manufacturers. The third day after the world premiere is a good moment to consider why this very average - and worth emphasizing that much weaker than the first part of the saga - the movie is already celebrating such a great success spot. Everything seems to indicate that the laurel of victory instead of Meyer and Stewart Pattisonowi should simply specialists in advertising and promotion.

Back to the Forks of the novel seems so natural, as if the last shot of "Twilight" quarter expired. Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattison) lead a peaceful life and everything around it indicates that in the end they managed to overcome adversity and take a little joy. happiness of their common vision becomes cloudy on Bella's eighteenth birthday when Edward says that along with his family leave Forks. Cullenów After the departure and separation from loved ones for many months she falls into depression, which helps her to cope trusted and honest Jacob (Taylor Lautner). But in the world, "Twilight," as in life, nothing is simple. Jacob also hides a dark secret because as a werewolf to protect the borders against vampires Forks.

The latest adventures of Edward and Bella's audience clearly divided into two hostile camps: the enthusiastic talent piewców writer Stephenie Meyer and the most skeptical and negative wyrokujących critics. Personally, the whole knowing the consequences of that choice, I speak from the position of the second group receiving, that movie more tired than comforted. It is difficult not to admit that "New Moon" is much weaker than the "Twilight" and despite that the film with admirable consequence of the exacerbated effects serving viewers increasingly sophisticated visual tricks, as compared to the first part of the saga is only a poor imitator .

The biggest complaint that can be put forward in relation to the plot of the film is excuses, which is based on easily observable nielogicznościach. For example, why Cullenowie decide to leave town right now, arguing the plaintiff leave fear of being zdemaskowanym, since already in the "Twilight" with the naked eye it was clear that Edward and Dr Cullen brothers seem rather than father and son. Similar discrepancies in the film is quite a lot of what is already a concrete argument that undermines the coherence of the world presented the saga, especially given the unction with which the author, play a "metaphysical" element of history.

Despite the camouflage, dark tone of the story "New Moon" fully in line with the Convention on the popular trend in recent times teen movie. It was unfair to criticize the film, therefore, excessive sentimentality, a tendency to direct attention nachalnego large audience and to simplify the structure of the world presented, especially as . However, the dose of pathos, tragedy served by seasoned writers in the latest screen saga is so strong that the audience often can not withstand the tension implied, signed for the sublime words of the characters bursts of laughter.

The last issue which absolutely should not deprive the comment is acting. Popular audiences Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison already at the first opportunity, which gave the duo the premiere of "Twilight", threw off the pedestal of praise Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. While certainly more clearly than the stars of "High School Musical," Stewart and Pattison, the "Moon in new moon "are not as convincing as in" Twilight. " The reason for this change probably due to the fact that Pattison disappears from the camera field of interest in the long part of the shares. Stewart, left to itself wanders dreamily at the screen, which does not help her come up nice and wonderfully funny - like the movie entourage - Jacob. "Moon in the new moon" definitely lacked charisma, which traces the great pleasure to be able to discover in the cases of "Twilight."

The breakdown of films and shallow draws a valuable response, according to a simple question: how much really remains in us of the story after leaving a cinema? "New Moon" does not conceal a number of values, apart from the fact that not even toil in order to ask any relevant questions. However, it is no doubt that the film will gather its faithful audience - interesting but if she finds it something more than a story of love and out of sleep and an interesting soundtrack, since uncontrolled feverish, which from the beginning accompanied by the prime ministers of the next saga in my opinion, unfortunately reminds worshiping the golden calf.