Opisz swoje wymarzone miasto.(nazwę i ulice można wymyślić)
Słownictwo: museum, tourist,traffic lights,crossroads,office bloks,car,tram,zebra crosing,taxi,market(targ), taxi stand,cinema, cafe, theatre,restaurant, park, shops, river e.t.c
Minimum 3/4 kartki A4.

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My would be cherished a dream average largeness city and it would be called ' ' Carocoto. There would be in it of no museum, and also many tourists arrived . Trams would commute after lit streets and cars. It bored nobody in my city of dream , there would be in it of outsized highlight big shopping center would be placed under which roof cinema, theater, cafe, restaurant and outsized stores. They would go to sunday afternoon of child with parents for park in order to spend time case. There would be in my city safely very and would be no chances.
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