Prince Popiel, the master since childhood very much badly prognosticated for Kruszwica. He had a good time, he drank, he lounged about, and he avoided the fight like the plague. They nicknamed him "Chwostkiem", that is with villain. His wife, German Gerda princess, was beautiful and greedy. This way she talked the husband round, that the one listened to only her, rather than good advisers. When two sons, Lech and Popiel were born, the prince generally speaking lost his head.
Great hate arose between paternal uncles of Popiel, but his wife. Gerda wanted to kill them, being afraid that instead of her sons to the throne they will choose somebody else. And since she was clever, she prepared it terrible plan. She notified paternal uncles about serious illness of Popiel and she invited them to the town to say goodbye. They listened for her to the request and at the headboard they waited for the death of the cousin.
The prince asked them for the parting to drink the goblet of honey with him. The alcoholic beverage of course was poisoned, and Popiel only pretended that he was drinking. After a few moments paternal uncles fell down out of breath, and the prince announced that they had wanted to dethrone him and a right penalty met them. He forbided also to give them a funeral. Popiel celebrated, and of bodies in the vicinity left swarms of the mouse hatched. In quest the food they moved toward the town. Without obstacles they stormed and they got the lock. Horrified Popiel ran away with the family island, on which he took shelter in the tower.
However it didn't help him – mice got inside after walls, they ate the entire family and they disappeared... From now on kruszwicka the tower is carrying the name of the Mouse's Tower. And rodents reportedly hid somewhere in the vicinity and they are waiting, until a next murderer turns up at surroundings...
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