Proszę pomóżcie mi odpowiedzieć na ten list.

Thank you for your letter we're very happy that you're coming to stay with us im August, and we're sure you'll have a good time.

What time are you arriving at Gatwick airport? You can get a train to Brighton from there. Do you have a mobile phone? Then you can phone us when you're on the train, and we'll meet you at the station.

Could you also tell mi a few more things about your self? is there anything you can't eat or drink? Do you smoke? Do you want a single room, or do you prefer to share a room with another student? Are you going to go back to Russia immediately after the and of the course? If not, how many more days are you going to stay with us?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hellooo ;)

I am also pleased that we will see ourselves in holidays.

in Gatwick on the airport I will be wheel 10 pm. I checked the train to Brighton and I have about 10.30 pm The way you asked I will call when I am arriving and I am expecting of you in the station.

Against me? hmm no, I am having an allergy to nothing special. I am not smoking but I would prefer to have a separate room since I like early to lie down.
By the rate I am going to stay in Russia for the week and to tour your country. If anything happens I am waiting for further questions.

For seeing days behind steam!