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Ice Age" is a great, przezabawna severe life story about creatures large and small at the dawn of the history of the earth - as its name suggests, just before the onset of eternal ice. Pets whole herds leave their family land and travel in the warmer part, by providing for early disaster - the icy, empty boxes błąkają only a few. One mroźnego - as always - but the beautiful face of the case the main heroes of the film - leniwiec Sid, Mandy mammoth and saber-tooth Diego. Sid and Mandy wyławiają a river human child - his mother, pursued by a flock of tigers in panicznej escape jump into the water and managed to save the last effort of an infant, leaving it to the coast. Sid, kindly, though unfortunate simpleton, decides to immediately take care of the human sierotką. Grouchy, eternally gloomy Manfred - Mandy is not happy with this idea, we're pozbyłby both natrętnego leniwca, and child. Then comes Diego - envoy tygrysiego stock. By providing false, that it depends only on the security of kiddie, offers to take him to the human village. In fact, the leader of the flock and rebuked him a baby, rozsmakował itself in the human flesh. Sid outraged protests against infant abandonment tygrysowi - Manfred ultimately decide that a child will people, and Diego lead their glaciers by the abbreviation. On the road moves "weirdest herd in the world", and near - is constantly occurring in the vicinity of its latest WIEWIÓRA nuts, which could easily be the cause of all disasters of this world ... Leniwiec, mammoth and tiger travel time, taking the child, avoiding the various traps, fighting for the last melon on the Earth from hostile forces by overriding dodo bird and get to know better - enough to feel the true flock, with all the resulting consequences. As unlikely friendship is born, such as tigers usypiają marudne infants, why dodo died, and when you can safely pass through a zone of geysers