In my sentence in Poland should not be death because penalty is incompatible with the supreme law of the land - God's law that says that you should not receive the gift of life to people by God and that God decides when a man has to die, but death penalty dispute this right- po polsku: moim zdaniem w polsce nie powinno być kary śmierci poniewarz jest ona niezgodna z najwyższym prawem na ziemi - prawem Bożym które mówi o tym , że nie powinno się odbierać ludziom daru życia danego przez Boga oraz to Bóg decyduje kiedy człowiek ma umrzeć, a kara śmierci zaprzecza temu prawu
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my opinion death penalty should be legal. I truly think that person who kills somebody else should be immediately annihilated. Death penalty is needed in cases like murders or terrorism, because sentenced people are spending rest of their lives in prison. This means, that Poland must pay for their living. It shouldn't be like that and arguments from religion are dull for me, because somebody can be atheist and he also must pay taxes. It's also unfair for families of killed people. Murderer of their family member can lead peaceful life in prison, even if common sense advises to kill him. It's ridiculous and only hurts people that suffered enough from death of their loved one. If fault of felony is unmistakeable, guilty should be killed. I hope that above arguments proves my opinion.