From Adriano Ruocco [[email protected]]

To: The Grange Language School [[email protected]]
Subject: Information about courses

Dear Sir/Madam

I m writing to ask for information about your language courses .I am especjally interested in an intensive course of two or three weeks I am 31 and I work in the libary at Milan University . I can read English qiute well but i need to improve my listening and speaking . The book I am currently studying is pre -intermediate ( Common European lever A2 )

I have looked at your website , but there is no information about intensive courses next summer . Could you please send me information about dates and prices I would like to stay with a familly . My wife is going to visit me for a weekend when I am at the school . Could the stay with me in the same family ?

I look forward to hearing from you .
Yours faithfully
Adriano Ruocco

tylko trzeba pozmieniac nazwe :D a tak powieno byc dobrze
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Your new friend,