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What do you eat and drink?
are you a vegetarian?
do you like fast food?
do you often exercise?
what sports do you practise?
a jak będzie za mało słów to dorób swoje

I always drink cola, but i love tea. My favourite sort of tea is green and white tea. I like to eat salad,kebab,yoghurt and chicken nuggets. I'm not vegetarian ,becouse I eat meat.I love fast food and my favourite food is cheeseburger,pizza,hot dog and chips. I often exercise in the Physical Education and I good at volleyball. I practise volleyball,footaball,running,smorkelling and swimming, but I always cycling and sailing. I can't stand computer games ,so i don't play them a lot. I always go to have fun in fresh air. Movement is most important.

Chyba 100 słów.

1.I like drink cola and tea.My favourite eat are becon,eggs and cheese but i dont like drink coffe and eat orange.(21 słow)

2.No i am not vegetarian.I like meat and ham but i like vegetables.This is very health.My favourite vegetables are tomatoes, Raspberries,apple and orange.(24 słowa)

3.Yes i like fast food.Chessburger is delicious but it is not healthy.(12 słow)sorka że tak mało ale nie mogłem nic wymyślić.

4.Yes i often exercise.
There is healthy and I am very proficient due to it.It for person important very. They spread out due to bone correctly. (25)

5.I practitse tennis and ski but my favourite sport are swimming and play football.(13 słów)

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