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I am on vacation on the Baltic Sea. I live in a small house in Ustka. It is beautiful here! From the window I see the sunrises and sunsets over the sea, and in the morning wakes me roar of the waves. How is the heat, it bathes in the sea, sunbathe or explore this beautiful city. I was already in Gdansk, Wladyslawowo, Gdynia, and many other beautiful cities. If you ever przylecisz to Polish, then certainly we choose together to the seaside. I like best view drains and flows, and the sunrises and sunsets. This place is great!
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Hello Kate!

I'm in England now. The weather is terrible. I'm sitting at home and sometimes I play football with friends. It's great here but unfortunately the weather is as terrible as in Poland. People are fantastic,they're smilling a lot. The most interesting thing,what I like is that I can visit many places which are very huge.
What about you cate? Where have you been or where you want to go?

Your Best Friend