Witam bardzo serdecznie . Mam mały problem z zadaniem domowym z j. angielskiego. Mianowicie mam napisać historię pod tytułem: " A STORM AT SEA" Historyjka ta ma zawierać od 120 - 190 wyrazów. ma być ona stworzona na podstawie obrazków znajdujących się w załączniku ( obrazki są ponumerowane). W pracy mają być użyte czasy past simple i present continues.
Pracę może ułatwić ten plan wydarzeń :
1. Jason was standing on the deck of the boat.
2. Black clouds were gathering .
3. Lighting flashed.
4.The boat was rocking from side to side.
5 Tony radioed for help.
6. A bolt of lighting struck the boat.
7. The mast burst into flames.
8.They jumped into the life raft.
9.They heard the sound of a boat.

Słownictwo: huge waves were crashing,
in danger,
bolt of lighting struck the boat,
sailing holiday,
black clouds were gathering,
lighting flashed,
sink slowly,
stand on the deck,
thunder rolled across the sky ,
life raft,
boat was rocking from side to side,
were scared
radiced for help

Para 1:
Who, when,where, what happened
Para 2: events in the order
Para 3: Ent the story, opinion, people feeling

Czasy : Past continous i Simple !





Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Jason went on his sailing holiday with his best friend Tony. He was standing on the deck of the boat. Everything seemed to be all right. But then, in just a one moment black clouds started gathering. Jason felt a little bit worried.But when bolt of lighting struck the boat he became really scared. The mast burst into flames and the boat was rocking from side to side. Jason was so horrified, that he didn't know what to do. Fortunately, Tony was more reliable - he picked up their radio boat with shaking hands and called for help. While they were waiting, thair boat was sinking slowly, they were cold, scared and hungry. Finally, they decided to throw into water their life raft - they jumped into it. And then, after a while, they heard the sound of a boat. They felt a great relief and promised each other to check the weather conditiond before they'll go sailing next time.