Napisz opis dnia tylko że w czasie przeszłym i z użyciem słówek after after the.. cos tam
i musi być powdzielony na akapity i zrozumiały dla mnie dla 1 gimnazjum

z góry dzieki pierwszej dam naj

PILNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 na jutro postarsjcie



Yesterday I had so much fun!

Firstly, after school, I went shopping with my best friend Magda, we bought a lot of cheap and beautiful clothes.

After that we went to Mc Donald. We had some chips and cheeseburgers there. After that we were thirsty so we bought a big cola to drink it together.

After that I went back home and my parents had a big surprise for me - they gave me a little cat. I named him Garfield and after that I was playing with him all evening.

After that I went to sleep.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I woke up at 7 o'clock. After that I ate brekafast (cereal with milk). I went to school at 7.40
I ate lunch at school. I came to house at 2.30 p.m. After that I ate dinner. In the afternoon I learned and made a homework. After that I played my favourite computer game and surfed in the Internet. In the evening I watched TV and ate supper. After that I read book. Later I took a shower and at about 10 p.m. I went to bed.
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