My favourtie film
It's called " Duplex(starsza pani musi zniknąć)". This film is very funny comedy and I saw this movie a lot. Film is talking about, that an old lady is harrasing an young couple, who just got married. Stars aren't very good but they can play wery well. Ben Stiller and Drew Berrymore are the couple and Eileen Essell is an old lady. In this movie music is very good but the special effects aren't ok. I think is the most funny comedy I've ever seen.
The 2003 Acadamy Award for Best Picture went to the musical "Chicago". I recently watched this movie ,and I must say I was impressed. It is not surprising that it won so many Oscars,including Best Costume and Best Supporting Actress.Directed by Rob Marchall, the film stars Renee Zellweger,Catarine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere.
Of course the movie is not flawless.While in general the actors are excellent, I was less than impressed by the performance of Richard Gere.Although his singing and tap dancing are adequate,Gere is simply outshone by his co-stars.
"Chicago" is certainly a wonderful film, and was a pleasure to watch.At the end I still wanted to see more. I am sure you would enjoy it too
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the film "Apprentice Rescue" which the action is playing oneself into the fast apocalyptic year 2018 Christian is appearing Balls in the role of Connor's John, of man, of which leading the resistance movement dispatched against Skynetowi and the army is a purpose of Apprentices. But the future in which Connor believes is staying partly changed as a result of the appearance of Marcus Wright (very Worthington), of stranger, of which a stay is the last keepsake in a death cell. It is Connor he must learn from the future, whether Marcus was sent whether he is a fugitive from the past. While Skynet is preparing for the ultimate clash, Connor and Marcus are setting off on the travel which is leading them to the operation Skynetu centre, in which they are revealing the terrifying secret which is hiding behind possible annihilating the humankind.

W filmie "Terminator Ocalenie", którego akcja rozgrywa się w post-apokaliptycznym roku 2018 występuje Christian Bale w roli Johna Connora, człowieka, którego przeznaczeniem jest poprowadzenie ruchu oporu skierowanego przeciwko Skynetowi i armii Terminatorów. Ale przyszłość, w którą wierzy Connor zostaje częściowo zmieniona na skutek pojawienia się Marcusa Wrighta (Sam Worthington), obcego, którego ostatnim wspomnieniem jest pobyt w celi śmierci. To Connor musi dowiedzieć się, czy Marcus został przysłany z przyszłości czy jest uciekinierem z przeszłości. Podczas gdy Skynet przygotowuje się do ostatecznego starcia, Connor i Marcus wyruszają w podróż, która prowadzi ich do centrum operacyjnego Skynetu, w którym odkrywają przerażającą tajemnicę, jaka kryje się za możliwym unicestwieniem rodzaju ludzkiego.
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