Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
We have quite a lot of festivals here in Poland but the most popular one is Christmas and it is my favourite festival,too.Christmas is on 25 December and it is the time when the Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
My family starts preparing for Christmas in the middle of December.We send Christmas cards to our family and friends.We also look for Christmas gifts.Each member of our family gets a gift from the others so the pile of packets under the Christmas tree is really huge.A few days before Cristmas my father buys a tall Christmes tree and stores it on our balcony.It waits there until all the celebrations start.
In Poland we start celebrating Christmas on 24 December and this day is called the Christmes Eve.Then there is Christmas Day and finally we have the Second Day of Christmas on 26 December.
On Christmes Eve morning the youngest person in the famili (that is me)has to decorate the Christmes tree.I decorate it with special electric candles,colourful balls and chains made of silver and gold paper.I also put some candies and red apples on the tree.At the top of the tree there is a big star with a little bulb inside.My father made it when I was five.While I decorate the tree my sister helps my mother in the kitchen.They prepare traditional polish dishes for the Cristmas Eve Supper.We eat some of these dishes only once a year-just on this special evening.
The tradition says that there must be twelve dishes on the Christmas Eve table.We usually have even more.We eat borsch-a soup made of beetroots-and carp.Carp can be fried,roasted or boiled.It can also be served cold in aspecial jelly.After supper we sing Cristmas carols and afterwards we unwrap our gifts.There is a lot of noise and laughter at this time and this is my favourite moment.
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