This is a very interesting book telling about a man named Scrooge. It had a negative character traits such as anger, insensitivity, meanness. On Christmas Eve ghosts visited him,the first was his spirit of an old friend of Marley, who announced the coming of the next three spirits who tried to convert him to a happy and loving life. The story ends with the transformation of the main character a happy man.

The story is very interesting and addictive. Forces the reader to a deeper reflection on himself. Author through the text calls for changes in their behavior and enter the good path of life, no, because how these passages have no work for us:Recognizes the many things which I could obtain the benefit and on which, however, did not I used "or "(..) when approaching holidays, I think of them not only as a sacred and revered memorial for the whole world, but also as the moments missed so much "

The writer has used simple language, but the phrases in the text to build the image of horror and fear. I think that is a very interesting book. Fear and conscience of the main character is the reason for his change.
All know plot here, usurer podły Ebenezer Scrooge, it sounds who favorite saying „ holy holiday ” humbug, it has been visited to eve night by old accomplice Jakub Marleya, who warns him it before eternal tortures torments,they for after like death meeting face each other. Departed morale visit for after its his visit in turn skąpca, present and future eve, it will proceed due to which who spiritual conversion Scrooge.

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