I usually get up at 7'o'clock. I have a bath and I brush my teeth. I take on my clothes.After my morning toilet I eat breakfast. I used to eat sandwitches and drink tea for breakfast. After eating my first dish, I go to school. I spend seven hours at school learning and talking with my friends.I like school because I always have a lot of fun here. After getting home, I do my homework and learn for 3 hours. I used to learn history because it's my weak point. I eat dinner at 5.30 pm. I used to eat chicken and potatoes- this is my favourite food. I also have some time for rest . I watch TV, play computer games and read book. I love going out to the cinema too. In the evening, I take shower and wear my pyjama. I eat light supper and watch the evening news. I go to bed at 10 pm.
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