Hi, Stefcia!
What's up?
Thanks for your e-mail. I'm glad you feel a bit better, but your mum is right - you should stay at home a couple of days to make sure you're totally healthy. You sayed you are very bored at home so I promice I will write to you more often.
First, I can tell you how I spent last weekend. On Saturday I watched my favourite tv shows. Then I did my homework and went shopping with girls. It was very fun. When I came to house I was very tired but I bought some cool clothes. In the evening I watched 2 great films.
On Sunday I got up veery late. I helped my mum with cooking. I also washed dishes after dinner (mum was very proud of me)!!! ;-)) Then I visited my friend Juzia and we played computer games together and talked.
Unfotrunately [anfOtrunetli :d] weekend ended very fast!

I hope you'll be totally healthy soon :).


[rozpisałam się, możesz odrobinę skrócic ;-)]
Dear Emily
Thank you for your email. What I did at the weekend? Nothing special.
I went on the beach and played basketball with Tom and Souse. We also go shopping, oh and I’ve got a funny story to tell you, which happened on the bus on Sunday. I was sitting in a seat, listening to music, as always, when two elderly ladies came towards me started commenting on how rude teenagers are nowadays. So I decided to stand up- you know I’m a polite girl- and at the same time a guy of my age, or perhaps a bit older, sitting next to me, did the same and we both pointed to the seats. Imagine the women’s faces! They sat down and didn’t said anything for the rest of journey. Funny, isn’t it?
Oh, I must go, it’s almost 11 p.m. See you soon!!!

nie jestem pewna jest dobrze, ale mam nadzieje ze pomoglam :))