Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Few years ago, i have went camping with my friend Magda. We were working for my parents to earn money for our vacations. When July came, we were ready.
We have decided that we will get there by train, on the next day i went do train stations to book our tickets. Finally we have started our adventure. The train was droving from our city to Tatry at six o'clock. When we get there, we were tired and sleepy and what's worse the train was delayed for two hours. We must wait for it, because we were living away from city center to come back to home.
Train travel was comfortable and fast, unless waiting for it. Once we got there, we went for a sightseeing tour around the city. During this tour Magda was hit by a car and she has broken her arm. The driver was shocked so i had to call ambulance.
Our parents must come to us by car, they were very angry and they said that we would not go alone on vacations AGAIN.

Może troszke za duzo, jak coś to napisz wiadomość to skróce:)
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