Write a ghost story. Use the words in brackets to think of ideas.

One day (when?), I was (where?). I was with (who?). It was (weather). We were (doing what?).
We were (doing what?) when, suddenly, we heard (what noise?). We went (were?) and we saw a (what ghost). in (what clothes?). It/He/She was (doing what?).
We felt (how?) and we (did what?). Then we (did what?). In the end, we told (who?) about the ghost. They (did/didn't) believe us!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One day evening, I was on empire state building. I was with my friend. It was sunny. We were playing cards.
We were playing new hand when, suddenly, we heard strange noise. We went downstairs and we saw a casper! ;). He didn`t wear anything. He was eating dinner.
We felt curious and we decided to play cards with him. Then we went back home. In the end, we told our parents about the ghost. They didn`t believe us!