The letters of the highligted word in each phrase are mixed up. Write the correct version. How fast can you correct the mistakes?

W takie coś [tekst] zrobie to co tam jest na czerwono.

1. [Emco] here!
2. [Hyw] not?
3. [Dogo] luck.
4. What do you [name]?
5. I'm [mocing] with you.
6. Now [tensil]!
7. Oh, I don't [wonk].
8. What kind of [singth]?
9. [Sey], you do!
10. It isn't [efas].



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1 come here
2 why not
3 good luck
4 what do you mean
5 i'm coming with you
6 now silent!
7 oh i don't know
8 what kind of things?
9 yes, you do!
10 it isn't safe
2 4 2
1. Come here!
2. Wyh not?
3. Go do luck.
4. What do you name?
5. I'm coming with you.
6. Now listen!
7. Oh, I don't know.
8. What kind of things?
9. Yes, you do!
10. It isn't safe.
1. Come here!
2. Why not??
3. Good luck.
4.What do you mean?
5.I`m coming with you.
6.Now silent!
7.Oh, I don`t know.
8.What kind of signth?
9.Yes, you do!
10.It isn`t safe.