Z tego tekstu o Jacku Vetteriano trzeba ułożyć 10 zdań o nim jego życiu itp(tak ogólnie ) np ze urodził sie w szkocji

Jack Vettriano
Scottish -bron jack Vettriano left school at sixteen and got a jab as miner.Leter,he took up painting as a hobby.He didnt have the time or the money to go to an art college,so he taught himself to paint by copying famous artists like MOnet and Picasso.He coludnt afford models ,so he painted himself or used figures from books . By 1998,he'd gevelped his own onique style. For years,art critics rejected his work-they didnt like his painting style.But the public loved his paintings because they each tell a story. People boughy his paintings ,and slowly his fame grew.Then the art critics had to take notice of him . In April 2004,The Singing Buter was sold for 744,500-the highest price ever paid for Scottish painting.He had tried to send The Singing Butler to a Royal Academy exhibation in 2002,and the experts had turned it down.Jack Vettriano 's paintigs are now really popular. By the end of 2006,more 500,000 posters and three milion cards featuring Vettriano's paintings had benn sold wordwide



Jack Vettriano wos born in Scotland.
He left school at the age of sixteen.
He was working hard as miner.
He couldn't effort to go to the art college, so he taught himself.
He was copying famous painters like Monet or Picasso.
He'd invented his own unique style.
Art criticms didn't like his art, but public loved his paintings.
His fame was growing, when people started to buy his art.
His painting was sold 744,500 and it was the highest price for Scottish painting by this time.
Now, Jack Vettriano's paintings are still popular.