Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Christmas Eve is December 24. Christmas Day December 25, and the second on 26 December. Christmas traditions are different. some to proclaim that serves dinner only when the lights first star. Popular is also giving gifts under the Christmas tree, wearing Christmas tree, singing carols, sharing the wafer,
and many others. Christmas is always spent in a relaxed atmosphere.
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In Poland Christmas starts on Christmas Eve. This is the day when people decorate their houses and Christmas Tree. The most important part of this day is evening. We share a Christmas wafer and wish the best for the future. Then we eat Christmas Eve Supper. We eat:
- no meat, but a lot of fish - carp
- sauerkraut
- barsch
- dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms
- poppy seed cake
- ginger cake
- traddditional drink of dried fruit
After supper we sing or listen Christmas Carols and wait for presents.
At midnight we go to church to Midnight Mass.
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