Mogą być najlepsze wakacje? (mojego autorstwa)

I had my best vacation few years ago, when i and my best friend packed our things and went for seeking an adventures. We were very excited that we are doing it alone, without anyone to control us. We went with backpacks, tent and food about ten o'clock. The way to "our spot" was very long and hard, but finally we have reached our goal. We have spaced out the tent just near lake. We were cooking food ourself and playing in the water. I was really delighted with that place, it was awesome. Three days have spent so fast, we were feel sick when we thought about coming back, but we had to come back when our food has run out. I would not forget this trip to the rest of my life.
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I was sitting in a seat, listening to music, as always, when two elderly ladies came towards me started commenting on how rude teenagers are nowadays. So I decided to stand up- you know I’m a polite girl- and at the same time a guy of my age, or perhaps a bit older, sitting next to me, did the same and we both pointed to the seats. Imagine the women’s faces! They sat down and didn’t said anything for the rest of journey.

mam nadzieje ze pomoglam :)