Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Me: Hello Valentino! How are you?
V: I?m fine, thanks. Can we began interview?
Me: Ya, sure. Ok, first question. Where are you from?
V: I?m from Italy, Urbino.
Me: How old are you?
V: I?m twenty eight.
Me: How about your nickname. Everyone know, that you?re ?The doctor?. Who invented it? And why it?s ?The doctor? ?
V: You don?t know it?! Oh, I?m sad. No, no, I was joking. A copule years ago, people were saying, that I?ll salvation world, and than I invent a nickname ?The doctor?.
Me: Why did you move to London?
V: I?m famous, it?s nothing new, eveyone know it. When I was walking on the street in Italy, all time people were cognizaning me, they wanted to talk with me, taking pictures with me etc. It was really infuriating, so I decided to move to London.
Me: Why your motorcycle has number 46?
V: Number 46 is special for me. It was number of my father?s motorcycle (Graziano Rossi). He was pursuing in 70? years, and in 1979 my dad won three race, which he dedicated to his young son. This young boy, was me.
Me: When did you start pursuing?
V: It was... 1990. I was eleven, and I was riding mini-moto. In 1993 I was pursuing in Italy Champioship on motorcycle Cagiva, 125ccm class.
Me: When did you get your first champion title?
V: It was in 1994, and I won a Italy Champioship. Year later I underwrite contract with Aprilia.
Me: Now, you are the best motorcycle driver in MotoGP, you are winning almost every race, and everybody know you. In different shops, you can buy caps, flags, labels and other stuffs with your name, number, or photo. You?re famous, and every motorcycle driver know you. Tell me, how are you felling with it?
V: You know, it?s normal (laugh) No, no, it?s really cool. I fell, that I did something for motorcycle world, but I don?t think, that I?m star. I?m normal motorcycle driver, but a little bit better from others drivers.
Me: Okay, thank you very much for time, which you spend with me. Have a nice day, and keep winning races!
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