Napisz opowiadanie po angielsku dotyczące twojego pierwszego przeżycia.Write about an important "first time"for you.Tak około 2 strony w zeszycie.
!!!!Ma to byc o tym że nauczyłem sie jeździc na motorze!!!.
Ma być na ocene 5 lub 4 :)



The most important "first time" for me was when I learned how to drive a motorbike. It was very important for me because all my friends were using and i couldn't. My friend were laughing at me because i had some problems with launching the vehicle so i was nervous and when i finally did i it I didnt know what to do and it turned off. My friend showed me once again how o do it and after few minutes i already knew how to launch a motor. The next steps in my driving lessons were easy so learned very fast almost everything. Finnaly my friend said that i should try o drive on my own I was scared but i said "ok". I launched my vehikle once again and I just started to driving I was shocked but i felt realy great. He was trying to run after me but i was driving too fast and when I relased im so far i turned back and drived back to him. after everythiing i was very proud and i wanted to do this again but it was late so he game me a lift to home. That day was awsome.