My best friend(description) I have two best friends and they are completely different from each other. Kasia is an attractive girl; she is slim and very tall. She has very long blond and straight hair. Her eyes are blue and basically she is very beautiful. Kinga, on the other hand, is totally different. She is not as tall as Kasia and she is a bit plump. Her hair is medium length, black and curly. She has dark brown eyes and long eyelashes. Their personalities also differ from each other. Kasia is very outgoing and that is why she has a lot of friends. She likes to talk a lot and sometimes she doesn�t even realize that nobody is listening to her. Sometimes she seems to be carefree and absent-minded but she is very courageous and clever. Kinga is very polite, honest and good-natured. She learns very diligently but she is modest. She doesn�t talk a lot and before she says something she thinks twice. She is also very responsible and tactful.
Kasia and Kinga are completely different but they have something in common as well, they are very good friends, I can always rely on them and they have never let me down. ™®ƒ¢¥£€ÄÖÜ