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My good friend has to the name Kasia. We met at school, we walked to the same class. She has thirty years now. Kasia is rather not high and slim. He looks like the young girl. He has 160 centimetres of the height. He has fair hair and green eyes. For her hair is long and he often carries the horse's tail. He likes to put on loose undervests and trousers. Kasia is very intelligent at school she was the best pupil and very much she helped me. Kasia is very intelligent it is reading a lot of books for her great passion. Kasia is always in a good mood and very much he often smiles. We very often meet and we are talking with hours. I can always trust her and entrust with all my secrets. If necessary I ask her for the help and inversely. We are trying never to quarrel and one another to help oneself. I hope that our friendship will survive everything. He is for me as the sister. She is wonderful.



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Maj gut frent hes tu de nejm Kasia(Kejt). Łi met et skul, łi łolkt tu de sejm klas. szi hes firti jers nał. Kejt is rader not haj end slim. Szi luks lajk de jang gyrl. Szi hes łan handryd sewenti sentimetres of heit. Szi hes fer her end grin ejs. Her her iz long end shi ofyn karis de horsys tejl. Szi lajks tu put on lus anderwests and trauzers.

Ehhh... masz tu sporo błędów i wygląda to nieładnie : s
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Maj gud friend hes tu de nejm Kasia.Łi mit et skul, łi wolket tu de sejm klas.Szi hes ferti jers nał.Kasia is rader not haj end slim.Hi luks lajk de jang gerl. Hi hes łan handred siksti sentimetres of de hajht.Hi hes fer her end grin ajs.For her her is long end hi often kerys de horsys tajl. Hi lajks tu put on luz anderwests end trałzys. Kasia is wery intelidżent et skul yt is riding e lot of buks for her grejt peszyn. Kasia is olłejs in e gud mud end wery macz hi often smajls. Łi wery often mit end łi ar toking ływ ałers.Aj ken olłejs trast her end entrast ływ ol maj sikrets.Yf nesesery aj esk her fot de helpend inwersli.Łi ar traing newer tu kłirel end łan enader tu help łanself. Aj hołp ded ałer friendszip łyl surwajw ewrifyng. Hi is for mi as di syster. Szi is łonderful.
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