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Dear Bob

I am writing you this letter because we have not seen in a long time and I would like to tell you about my exciting new sport. Recently I started playing hockey. This is a very interesting sport. The main task of punching a disc into the opponent's goal. The entire game takes place on ice, and therefore must be great for skating. I would like to convince you to play this game, because I believe that this is a game just in time for you. I think you would be a great defender because they are quite stocky build and have great power. I hope that when you come to me on holidays, we will go to the rink and spend much time there.

Yours Frank
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Dear Adam,
I'm writing in reply to your reques of your about sport which I'm practising. I want to tell you about volleyball. It's a relaxing sport for all the family and people of all ages.
Volleyball isn't the oldest or the youngest sport in the world. It rose in 19th century.
The creator of volleyball was William Morgan from USA. He taught physical education at YMCA school.
Volleyball is the sport forall the family. I prefer beach ball. When I am going to the seaside I always take a ball and we play with all the family on the beach. It's very funny if someone falls dawn into a sand.
You don't have to take any lessons. If you can hit the ball you can play!
So why don't you try? It's lots of fun.

Yours sincerely

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Dear Luise!
Will try to help you in your selection. There are many sports that can be grown. This is what you want to grow depends only on you. This may be basketball, volleyball, football, artistic gymnastics, athletics, and so long can be exchanged. You can also use the services of a gym has a great perspective.
I personally like to play basketball if you want I can explain the rule, contrary to appearances, they are really easy. Try to choose something and I certainly I will help you to choose.
Waiting for your reply.
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