Opisz dziecinstwo twojej babci . odpowiadajac na pytania .

1. When shy was born ?
2.Where did she live ?
3.Did shy have family ?
4.Dis she have a TV? [ np. tak ale czarno - biala ]
5.Dis she go to school ?
6.What did she do at weekends ?
7.Dis she watch films ?
8.What kinds of music did she listen ?

Odpowiedzi ozywiscie zmyslone ^^ i z gory dzienki ;D



1.She was born in 1972.
2. She live in Wrocław.
3. Yes, she did a family
4. Yes, she had a TV, but only black-white
5. Yes, she went to school
6. At the weekends she
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. She was born in 1945.
2. She lived in Warsaw.
3. She had a big family. Lots of brothers and sisters.
4. She had a TV but it was in black and white colors only.
5. Yes, my grandmother went to school and she was one of the best students.
6. At weekends she liked to go to the cinema and reading books.
7. Of course, she watched films, especially westerns.
8. Her favourite kind of music was jazz, she loved that!
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