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Dear undoubtedly Christmas is a time of love, joy, forgiveness, but is also a time of reflection and family gatherings. Sometimes it is the only opportunity for the whole year to meet with the family and renew family ties and even stave off the various quarrels or misunderstandings. On Christmas Eve encounter with richly laden tables, we make each other Christmas greetings to each other and we are very uprzejmii and friendly. Also that evening, we remember past history, are cheerful, a joke, and we remember those who have gone from us forever and those who for some reason can not be with us in these beautiful Christmas days. On this day in our holiday home, an important and prominent place is also a Christmas tree, dressed in beautiful colored glass balls and ornaments, has pride of place and the smell and sight, smell cudnych next Christmas Eve dishes is something to remember for life. Dear I know that holidays are great but when I think how many are old and lonely people who are no longer with whom to spend Christmas as a family, it is very sad and I know that for them this time, is one of the most difficult and saddest days in the whole year, I was on Christmas Eve to realize that they are abandoned and alone. Therefore, it is important to leave an empty seat at the table, and sometimes just look around for supper and invite people who know they are lonely, desolate, and who do not have to spend the holidays, and make they feel that this invitation on your unique visitors. And you, dear I wish that we not only were the holidays for their kind and cheerful, but they tried every day even the small gesture, word, smile, give evidence of how much we care for those we love and like. All of them loved the magical Christmas wish, and that the homes visited in your love and joy forever.

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Dear I would like to wholeheartedly thank you for the wonderful wishes on the side of my składaliście on the occasion of the birth of my syneczka:) Also thanks to all who visit my site and write comment on what beautiful words, and the most stable thanks to my readers and especially to all those who have always fit under comments write beautiful words and commenting on my every note. Thank you that you are with me every year because it's thanks to you, it becomes magic mobile site:) I greet you all a warm welcome and wish each of you Healthy and magical Christmas:).