Sprawdzcie czy dobrze
1. Napisz brakujące wyrazy

a. What ___on_____ earth have you done?

b. I_____am_____ really sorry.

c. How can I make it ___up______ to you?

d. I didn't mean _to_ be rude.

e. I don't believe _it__ !

f. How can I __make__ it up to you?

g. Look _at__ that rubbish!

2. Popraw błędy

a. It looks awful.

b. I've forgiven you.

c. I didn't mean to upset you.

d. What have you done to my room?

e. I apologise

f. I didn't mean to be rude.

g. I apologised to Sue.

h. The garden looks awful

i. I've forgiven you

3. uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w czasie past simple, past continous, present perfect lub z formą going to.

a. When they _were travelling_____, their plane crashed. (travel)

b. Suddenly I _heart___ a strange noise(hear)

c. I have already explored____ the island (already/ explore)

d. I _have been____ on this island for the months(be)

e. I want to go back to scotland so I __am going to start_____ building a raft tomorrow(start)

f. I _was working___ on a ship when the storm started (work)

g. We _saw___ a pirate ship on the sea( see)

h. I _haven't found___ anybody on the island(not/find)

i. I _have been____ on this island for the months (be)

j. I've decided to try to get home, so I _built_____ a raft(build)


Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w czasie past simple lub prestent perfect.

a. The plane __crashed_____ in 1978 (crash)

b. I _have never visited___ America(never/visit)

c. How long _have you known____ your best friend? (you/ know)

d. I _met___ her when we were at school.(meet)

e. We _have lived____ here for over ten years. (live)

f. How long _______ this book(you/use)

g.I __got____ it last month(get)

h. We _have lived____ (here for over ten years(live)

i. The group __started____ in 1978 (start)

j. I __have never driven_____ an electric car (never/ drive)


Ułóż zdania w czasie present perfect użyj for lub since.

a. I / study english/ three years - I have studied English for three years

b. We/be here/yesterday - We have been here since yesterday

c. Tom/drive a car/ last year -Tom has driven a car since last year.

d. people/leave a lot of rubbish there/ 2002- People have left a lot of rubbish there since 2002

e. I/be worried about you/this morning- I have been worried about you for this morning.


Uzupełnij zdania czasownikami w czasie past simple lub present perfect

a. Since the fire __started___ (start), two buildings __have been____(be) destroyed

b.We _have lived___ (live) here since we __left__ (leave) London

c. People _have returned____ (return) to their homes since the hurricane __stoped__(stop)



W 3 b myślę, ze ma być heard,
w 4 f did you use,
i resztę moim zdaniem masz okej :)