Napisz po alngielsku straszną historie. Skorzystaj z tych pytań:
1. When did the story happen?
2. Where did it happen?
3. What were the ghost doing?
4. Who was the ghost?
5. Why was the ghost there?

Tak około na pół kartki zeszytu.



Yesterday I experienced strange and mysterous journey through my house.
As usually i went back home after hard working day. I stood in a doorstep and took three breaths of a musty air. When i was taking third, the most relaxing breath i heard whispers. I was frightened, so i turned on light as fast as possible. When i turned the light on i saw a ghost! It looked like my teacher, really. When i asked him why is he in my kitchen, he said that he just waned to wish me merry christmas! ;)
I thanked him and he had gone.
This story is very important to me, was during my first stay at a disco, it happened exactly at the back. I was there with my friend, Spirit. spirit was my best friend, was always in discos and always had a strange red eyes and a smile on your face .. never said nothing just laughed. I thought it was so fun but it was not the spirit of fun that was ...

myślę że wystarczy takie coś;)