Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Past simple:
1. During holidays I went abroad.
2. I saw a lot of monuments in Greece.
3. The weather was great.
4. Mostly I enjoyed sailing with my friends on Mazury.
5. I spent great time on hikking in mountains.
6. My brother broke his leg when he was playing football with me.
7. Unfortunately, I spent 2 months at home with my baby sister.
8. My parents didn't allow me to go to Prague with my cousin.
9. I worked as a baby-sitter few days.
10. Weather on Polish seaside was awful - I spent whole week in my room, because it was raining.
11. I tried to learn how to sail but it was too difficult for me.
12. My holidays were too short.
13. I was very happy when my parents took me to Zakopane for a weekend.
14. I liked watching a lot of TV during last holidays.
15. I made a lot of photos.

Past continous:
1. I was sunbathing during my 3 week holidays in Greece.
2. I was playing football everyday.
3. I was speaking English everyday during my language course in London.
4. When I was iat home, I was watching television all day long.
5. While I was swimming in the warm sea, somebody stole my wallet.
6. I was looking for my wallet for ages and I didn't find it.
7. I was looking for a part-time job for holidays, but nobody wanted to employ me.
8. The sun was shining 16 hours a day during my stay in Egypt.
9. My parents and I were crossing Ukrainien border for 6 hours.
10. I was collecting shells during my stay in Kołobrzeg.
11. While dancing on the beach, I met handsome boy.
12. I was dreaming about cooler weather during my stay in Egypt.
13. When I was comming back from London, my plane had 10-hour delay.
14. I was thinking about going to USA, but tickets were too expensive.
15. I was working as a baby-sitter for my whole holidays.
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