Witam. Na jutro mam do napisania pracę na angielski (oczywiście po angielsku) a ze nie jestem za dobra czy mogłabym prosić o pomoc? Z góry dziękuje ;*

Oto tematy: (mam wybrac jeden i napisac na ten temat niej nie dość dluga prace)

1.Socienty often judges people according to how much money they have, so money equals status.

2.Rich people are not always happy.

3.You can't be happy if you can't even afford food and clothing.

4.Rich people often find it harder to make genuine friends.

5. Money is becoming more and more important in today's capitalist socienty.

6. Relationships with people produce more happiness than money.

7. Having too much money can lead to boredom becouse there are no challenges in your life.

8.Worries about money are a couse of unhappiness.



Nie wiem czy dobrze mi wyjdzie ale można spróbować... piszę na drugi temat...

Rich people aren't always happy. That sentence is true. Many rich people is sad because they for example break up with their wifes or husbands.
nie wiem co więcej napisać...