* jak przygotowujesz się do świąt Bożego narodzenia
* jak spędzasz wigilię i Boże Narodzenie
* jakie są tradycje
* i jak spędzasz sylwester
to wszystko po angielsku i po polsku też bym prosiła .
to pilne !!! na jutro .
musi byc co najmniej kartka A4



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I always start enjoying Christmas time on 24 December. On that day I decorate my Christmas tree with sparkling tinsel, coloured lights, paper chains, balls, glass baubles, little toys, trinkets and sweets. The atmosphere of expectation and excitement can be felt almast every year. The momentwe are waiting for is the appearance of the first star in the sky. Then our familly gather at the Christmas table which is covered with a white tablecloth and have a special Christmas dinner. The celebration starts with the sharing of the holy wafer by all the familly members while offering everyone good wishes for Christmas. There is also a custom of leaving an empty place for unexpected guest and putting some hay under the tablecloth. The dinner traditionally consists of twelve dishes. In my familly we always eat red borsch, boiled sour cabbage with mushrooms, fish soup, fried carp, poppy-seed cake and gingerbread. After the meal, everyone unwraps the presents which have been placed under the Christmas tree and there is much joy. At midnight we go to church to take part in special Mass during which Christmas carols are sung. The night is a miraculous one because everyone believes that it is the only one in the year when animals can speak with human voices.
The night before New Year is special. We think about things we done wrong in the last year and decide what we can do better. I always go to the party. In this year I'm going to my friend hous and I think I will enjoy this night.