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Najlepszą pracę wynagrodzę najlepszą odpowiedzią .

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Ps: Jedna Osoba może rozwiązań 1 stronę . Ale musi być poprawnie . Przynajmniej na 3 .

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Str. 1
zad. 1
chatty – quiet, shy
sensitive – insensitive
dishonest – honest
warm – cold
shy – outgoing
friendly – unfriendly; hostile
tense – relaxed
polite – unpolite

zad. 2
1. Big cities are interesting.
2. I get worried about you.
3. Golf is a boring sport.
4. I’m surprised you left party early.
5. I feel frightened when I fly by plane.
6. Speaking in English is embarrassing.
7. My sister’s a very relaxed person.
8. Birthdays aren’t exciting for me any more.

zad. 3
1. He’s the boy who I met in the music shop last week.
2. I like films that have a lot of fast action.
3. We’re going to this cafe where they have live music.
4. I hate places where you can’t hear anyone speak.
5. The people who live in the house next to ours are Portuguese.
6. Is this the key which open that door?
7. I know a shop in which they’ve got great DVD’s.

1. Probably he lives in Madrit.
2. She’s very quiet. Maybe she’s worried.
3. He’s definitely older that you.
4. Perhaps he doesn’t understand English.

1. What are you waiting for?
I’m waiting for John. He’s meeting me here.
2. Is it snowing?
No, it’s not snowing, it’s raining.
3. What are you doing today?
We are going to the park.
4. Are you listening to me?
No, I’m not listening to you. I’m listening to radio.

zad. 6
1. He goeas to the cinema every Sunday.
2. I can’t talk now. I’m doing my homework.
3. What time are we meeting you?
4. I don’t understand Maria. She speaks too quickly.
5. “Where are you now?’ “I’m getting on the bus’

zad. 1
1. earthquake
2. tsunami
3. whirlwind
4. snowstorm
5. flood
6. avalanche
7. rainstorm
8. volcanic eruption

1 – earthquake
2 – whirlwind
3 – avalanche
4 – flood
5 – hail
6 – volcanic eruption
7 – snowstorm

zad. 1
1 – False
2 – True
3 – False
4 – False
5 – True

1. Natural part of growing up are emotional and physical changes.
2. Adults don’t understand teenagers’ problems and their changes in mood.
3. Because they think that they are the only person who feels they way they do.
4. He feels unsociable that’s why he doesn’t want to go out of his badroom.
5. When Jane has problem she speaks with her mother about them.
12 4 12