World in 50 years will be differing very much than present world. the technology, medicine and science will develop . The buildings will be more modern than present. They will higher than now. All of them will be made of glass. they will be immune to earthquakes Within 50 nearest years the air-conditioning very much will change . We will have the green house effect. antarctida and arktic will melt because of the increasing temperature . The level of waters will rise . In the future we will use only laptops or micro computers. They will be 1000 times faster from present laptops. They won't be reseting.
In the future students won't have to go to school. they will be studying through the Internet using Messengers. They won't get marks . education will be 2 two times shorter. A lot of jobs will dissapear. but also will come into existence new. in some people will be replaced by robots . In 50 years people will be transporting only by aeroplanes and flycars. Aeroplanes will be a lot of times cheaper. But the richest will be able to transport by teleport. people won"t use bikes. it will be possible to travel through outer space for all people.the space won't be changed within 50 nearest years
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In 50 year time building probably will be quite different then now. They will be very modern and spacious. All building will be made of glass and metal with a lot of chrome elements. Most of them will use alternative energy such as solar systems, what will stop global warming.

From the pessimistic point of view, ice will melt and Holland will be sunk. But I personally believe that, people will use alternative energy more frequently and everything will be all right. We will still have 4 seasons, beautiful summers and snowy winters. The greenhouse effect will be something about what we will forget.

In 50 years, technology will do a huge step forward. Everybody will have his own portable computer. Children at schools instead of notebooks and paper will use computers. All of them will be smaller and lighter. Whole earth will be covered by wireless internet access for free, so people will have ability to keep in touch everywhere.

Education will be crucial in 50 years. Every single person on Earth will speak English fluently. But, whole education system will be similar – the primary school, the secondary school and the university. Although, school will not change, the program will – there will be more workshops and less theoretical knowledge. At schools will be more computers, therefore students’ rucksacks will not be so heavy as nowadays.

Traffics will be a nightmare! More and more people will have driving license and chars will be cheaper, so almost everybody will have a car. Furthermore, instead of fast railways, everybody will use planes and helicopters to move. Because of this global ozone layer will be terrible. A lot of young people will use bikes to avoid traffics, what will be very healthy for them.

NASA will make a huge progress and first human being will land on Mars. They will find some life there. Some rich people will have ability to go for holidays to the moon, where will be luxury space spa resort. More countries will contribute in space exploration – Polish astronauts will help Americans in building base on Mars.
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