1. Uzupełnij zdania wyrazami: one.ones, another one lub another.
a) Are you hungry? Would you like ______ sandwich?
b) I don't usually eat bidcuits, but I love those chocolate _______.
c) I lost me bag so I bought ________ one.
d) I can't find my mobile. Have you got _________?
e) I like funny films but I don't like scary ______.
f) I enjoyed that book and now I'm reading _________ by the same person.
g) I don't usually like documentaries, but I like history ________.
h) Would you like ______ drink?
i) Can I use en? I haven't got ________.
j) I bought a T-shirt and a jumper yesterday and _______ T-shirt today.
k) Taht biscuit was nice. Can I have _______, please?
l) I don't want a green sweet - I only like the black ______.
ł) We planned a holiday, but then we had ______ idea.
m) 'Is that your house?' 'No, my house is the ________ over there.'
n) This is a terrible pen. Have you got ________?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. another
2. ones
3. another
4. another one
5. ones
6. another one
g. ones
h. another
i. another one
j. another
k. another one
l. one
ł. another
m. one
n. another one
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