Hi Ula,

My namie is Claudia . I am 13 years old .
Interested in music, in my spare time I play the guitar and writes poetry, lyrics.
And waht you're interested ,?
What is your Hobby ,?

Waiting for an answer.
Claudia .
Dear Jane,
Thank you for your letter.I think it is great to have a new pen-friend and I am very excited about it.Here is some information about me.
My nam is <twoje imie i nazwisko> (this you already know).I am <twoj wiek> years old.I've got fair hair and blue eyes.I'm rather tall and thin.
I live in <twoje miasto>-a big city.We live in a flat.
My mother is a shop assistant and my father is a policeman.I've got two brothers.I have also got a pet.It's cat-Puszek.
My hobby is reading books,writing letters and going to the cinema.I like riding a bike and playing basketball too.I collect posters of my favourite film stars,stamps and tins.
My favourite subject at school is Polish.I also like English very much.
I want to be a writer one day.
Please,write to me soon.
Love,<twoje imie>