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Christmas it in christian tradition – holy < holiday > commemorating birth jesus christ. It is constant (solid) < become > liturgical holy < holiday >, on 25 december according to gregorian calendar falling to ( ). Christmas is preceded four sunday period of three-week's expectation ( exactly ), called advent. In churches, which (who) celebrate liturgy according to calendar so called eastern (eastern) churches still ( juliańskiego, orthodox church mainly ), christmas falls to 7 january presently.

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In Polish christmas starts on Christmas Eve.This is the day when most families decorate their Christmas tree. The most important part of the day is the evening, when people share a Christmas wafer and wish everybody all the best for the future. Then they eat Christmas Eve Supper. The table has a white tablecloth with some hay under it. They hay reminds us of Jezus and where He was born. There is always an extra plate in case someone comes unexpectedly. On that particular night everybody is welcome into your house. After supper we sing or listen to Christmas carols and wait for Santa Claus to come.
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