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A birth of a child

When a child is born, parents send postcards to all their friends and family and there is a ribbon attached to each card. If it is a boy, the ribbon is blue, if it is a girl, the ribbon is pink. When the guests come to see a newborn baby, they bring sponge cakes which are decorated in blue or pink colours, depending on the sex of the baby. There is a toast to a newborn baby - the guests and its parents drink cognac with raisins. After the childbirth people put an artificial stork and hang child's clothes in front of their house. People also put a bell above a child's cradle to scare away bad ghosts.


The most popular month for a wedding is May. When a boy proposes to a girl he gives her a piece of cloth with a knot on it and a coin inside. If the girl tightens the knot it means that the couple is engaged. When a bride or a groom belongs to a club, for example a tennis club or a horse-riding club, then all members of the club come to the wedding and bring attributes of their club (e.g. a tennis racquet, or they arrive on horseback).


When a person dies all curtains are drawn and all clocks are stopped in the room where he died. People pay for ringing bells in a church. When a man dies the bells ring lower sounds and when a woman dies the bells ring higher sounds. It is also very popular to use coffins in which there is a small "window" to see the dead's face. At the beginning of a funeral, people walk around a cemetery twice while the bells are ringing. The dead is burried with his feet facing east so that in the morning he would get up and could walk towards the sun. Typical dishes at the funeral banquet are hot rolls, egg cake, almond cake and coffee.

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