„Beetroot soup with raviolis”

- 1 kilogram beets
- 2 carrots
- 2 parsleys
- half an celery
- salt, pepper
- magi (condiment)
- 1 slice of bread
- 5 parts of garlic
- 1 spoon of sugar
- condiments
- raviolis
- mushrooms
- cabbage

First, you have to prepare special mixture (borsch). It'll be good if you do this 3 or 5 days before the Christmas Eve.
So you have to wash the beets, peel and cut it for fine plasters. After that put the beets in jar and put there all parts of garlic in it. The flood it warm water and put 1 slice of bread on it. After that, put small dish towels. After few days from jar will be sourish smell.
At the Christmas Eve from vegetables cook mixture – vegetables flood 2 glass of water, put there some condiments which are needed to cooking soups. Cook it about half an hour – that mixture should be about one glass. After that throw away vegetables and add for that acid of beets (borch). All mixture season some condiments. It has to be so strong taste -> beets & pepper taste, so you should add for that mixture a lot of pepper. After that cook borsch for few minutes. Serve it on the beginning of supper with raviolis, mushrooms and a little of cabbage. Have a nice soup! It’s delicious, I’m sure.