Zad. 2

1. Who did live with Harry Potter?
2. Did the Harry Potter Books write Agatha Christie?
3.When was the first Harry Potter film?
4. Where did Oliver Twist live?
5. Where did Charles Dickens write Oliver Twist?
6. Did Oliver Twist live with his family?

zad. 3

1 - g
2 - d
3 - f
4 - e
5 - b
6 - a

zad. 4

They saw their friends at the weekend
She spoke her friend at eight o' clock last night
He started learning the guitar in July
They had a party on 5th May
Last year, we went holiday in autumn

zad. 7

I went in July
I read on last Monday
I cleaned on Saturday
I went to friend's house on Tuasday
I started at 19:27
I got up at 8:00

Namęczyłem się i myślę że dasz najlepsze