Zad.przeczytaj pocztówkę i odpowiedz na pytania. Hi! it's Fantastic here in Italy.Rome is my favounite city. I'm interested in the museum and the history and the food is great I can't speak Italian but I can understand the munus.The shops are amazing,too -I've got a lot of souvenirs I think i need a new bag! see you soon Richard 1.what is he into? 2.does he like the food? 3.can he speak italian? 4.why does he need a new bag? Proszę o pomocz z góry dzięki ;] poczebuję to na dziś



1. He is
2. Yes, he likes food.
3. He can't speak Italian.
4. He needs a new bag because he has too much souvenirs.

1. He is in Rome in Italy.
2. Yes, he does.
3. No he can't but he understand munus*.
4. Because he get a lot of souvenirs.

*munus nie wiem co to znaczy ale bym zamiast "munus" napisala "people".